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In A Hard Market

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Dear Friend,

If you’re sick and tired of the hard market, I’m here with an urgent message for you.

Because I know what you’re going through.

I’ve walked many, many miles in your shoes.

And today I’m in a place where a hard market for PL doesn’t affect me at all.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Back when I started, I was mostly writing preferred, personal lines business.

And if that’s what your agency is doing ...

Here's What's Happening Now

You can see what’s going on.

Personal lines carriers have had huge losses -- from Covid, wild fires, hurricanes, inflation, an increase in auto accidents, it’s a long list. And all of it is beyond our control.

They have your hands cuffed. They’re telling you how much to write. You can’t place business in some cases.

We've seen extreme increases in rates and premiums for personal lines, with stricter underwriting standards.

In fact, one of our members just got this notice from a carrier: 15% increase on auto, 35% on home and they're putting a 1% wind/hail deductible on all property policies -- personal and commercial.

That’s going to wreak havoc on his retention, to say the least.

All of which means you and I are in the middle of a HARD MARKET.

What Does This Hard Market
Mean For You?

It’s easy to feel frustrated and helpless right now.

You may be losing clients while your commissions are falling – a double whammy.

Meanwhile, The “Great Resignation” is making it hard to recruit employees. In November 2022 alone, 4.2 million Americans quit their jobs -- including 91,000 finance and insurance employees. And the people you do hire will usually want to work from home at least part of the time. That’s not making your job any easier.

All of that can mean big headaches at the office. And guess what? You’re not a saint. I know, because neither am I. We’re all human.

Which means it’s impossible NOT to go home some nights in a foul mood. Which means you’re in danger of taking out your frustrations on those you love. To say nothing of the worries that are eating away at you in your private moments. That’s not good for anyone.

Here's The Real Problem

But here's the thing. The problem is NOT that you’re lazy, or you’re not working hard enough ... or you don't deserve to keep the clients you have.

The REAL problem is that you're probably competing with too many other agents for a tiny portion of PL premiums.

The numbers are stacked against you -- and the hard market is only making the problem worse.

What do I mean?

Well, according to the latest research from Big I ...

Independent Agents Control
Only 37% of Personal Insurance Premiums

The bulk of the PL market is controlled by the big guys – Allstate, Progressive, State Farm, Liberty, Farmers, etc. You know their names because they’re on TV every day, thanks to their billion-dollar ad budgets.

How are you supposed to compete against that? You can’t.

Especially if more than 50% of your premiums are personal lines. If that’s you, you’re fighting for table scraps after the fat cats have had their fill of low-hanging fruit. Which is why you may be hurting so badly right now.

That’s the REAL PROBLEM facing you. You’re fighting for low-commission, high-service PL accounts ... against billion-dollar competitors ... in a hard market.

But there’s an opportunity hiding in plain sight.

Because the same research from Big I shows that ...

Independent Agents Control
86% of Commercial Insurance Premiums

What does that mean for you?

It means you’ve got a tremendous, built-in advantage as an independent agent.

Because 86% of CL premiums are already flowing our way. That means the commercial insurance market is already pre-disposed to buying from you!

And while commercial insurance has many advantages, you can – and should – take it one step further, if you want to eliminate competition and build an agency that can support you in style and one day sell for a tidy sum (as I did).

You see, after 35 years in this industry, I’ve found that:

   • If you want to make some money, get into personal insurance.

   • If you want to make good money, get into commercial insurance.

   • But If you want to make CRAZY MONEY, get into niche commercial insurance.

By niche commercial insurance, I mean a small segment of the marketplace where you can attract and serve the commercial clients you choose ...

... instead of being a generalized agent serving anyone.

All you need is the right mechanism to gather up CL clients into a niche, then tap into that flow of premiums.

When I started with this strategy, I knew nothing about commercial lines -- or niches. I was honestly intimidated by the idea of selling CL. I could barely spell BOP, let alone do one.

Yet I was able to rapidly reach $1 million in premiums -- and well beyond -- largely by focusing on a narrow slice of the market in California, including Microbrewers Insurance, CorrectComp and National Restaurant Programs.

If I can do it -- with a high school education, in a highly regulated state like California, and NOBODY to teach me about commercial niche insurance -- anyone can.

And I’m not alone.

Some of the most successful agents in America are finding riches in commercial niches and programs – in this hard market – after they first started out in PL.

Like Russ Castle.

He’s getting up to 40 inbound calls every month from qualified prospects, on demand. When he gets too busy or wants to go on vacation, he simply “turns off” his marketing. When he wants more premium, he turns it back on. His agency is so efficient and profitable, he has ONE person servicing 3,000 accounts. All because he dominates the habitation niche in California.

Or Bill Butler.

He’s as busy as he wants to be because he’s getting a steady flow of leads delivered by sales reps at other companies, who sell to his CL clients. He never has to cold call or worry about gatekeepers because other people do the work for him! All that’s possible because he dominates the veterinary medicine niche in Minnesota.

Or Chris Paradiso.

His stated goal is to build his agency to $100 million in premium volume. And he’s absolutely going to do it. That’s because he created insurance programs – exclusive to his agency – that let him dominate the delivery insurance niche for FedEx and Amazon drivers.

As you can see, Russ, Bill, Chris – and I – have found success that’s safe from today’s hard market.

And now it’s your turn ...

Announcing Niches To Riches!

If you want to dominate your own commercial insurance niche or create a program that makes you crazy money, this training is for you.

For two full days in Dallas – with digital training modules and LIVE virtual coaching sessions after – 4 of the top Niche Agents in America will help research and define your niche, equip you with the tools and systems to attract strategic partners and clients, then put you on a path to explosive profits.

This is the 90-day training and mentoring system I wish I had when I started 35 years ago! It would have saved me years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost commissions.

Who Are Your Expert Instructors?

Bill Butler owns Butler Vet Insurance in Apple Valley, MN. A UPP member, he's a best-selling author, speaker, Army veteran and niche agency expert. After starting out in PL, he now dominates his CL niche and has other sales reps do the selling for him, using niche-marketing methods he will share with you.

Russ Castle owns Insurance by Castle in Redwood City, CA. A UPP member, he’s an author, speaker and niche agency expert. After starting out in PL, he now dominates his CL niche and only takes on new clients when he’s not on vacation, thanks to a niche-marketing system he will explain to you.

Chris Paradiso owns Paradiso Insurance in Stafford Springs, CT.  He's an author, national speaker and niche agency expert. After starting out in PL, he’s now on track for $100 million agency, driven by CL niche and program premium volume, thanks to a breakthrough program strategy he will teach you.

Mike Stromsoe is Founder of The Unstoppable Profit Producer Program. An agency owner who literally grew up in insurance (joining his father’s agency after high school), he’s the author of 7 books, speaker and coach for independent insurance agents. The proud mentor and friend of each of our experts, he will reveal 35+ years of profitable niche agency secrets to you.

How Is It Delivered?

This moneymaking program is delivered online and in person over 90 days, to maximize your success.

Here’s a breakdown of what you get ...

2 Days of Live Training in Dallas, TX (May 11-12)

Here's where your progress REALLY takes off, at our Live Event in Dallas. It’s the only place where you can “download” more than 107 years of our combined niche-agency experience -- distilled into strategies, tools and tactics to fuel your growth in 2023 -- in 2 days.

And it’s THE place to meet dozens of successful, ambitious agents like you ... all sharing their best ideas and shortcuts ... to help you grow a highly profitable, niche-driven agency that serves your community.

You will receive practical and incredibly valuable training from 4 of the top agents in America on programs and niche insurance: Bill Butler, Russ Caste, Chris Paradiso, and Mike Stromsoe.

These high-achieving experts have been there, done that -- and they’re still doing it!

During these two days, with guided instruction and 1-on-1 help from our experts, you will:

    • Define your niche, to bypass today’s hard market

    • Map out your Systems for Sales and Service

    • Master the Tools and Strategies to dominate your niche

    • Get Answers to every one of your Questions and a clear, new Direction for Success

Why struggle in a hard market when you can enjoy higher commissions, less service work, and almost unlimited opportunity -- with the same effort?

That’s the power of commercial niches.

Plus, you’ll be in the room with dozens of smart, ambitious agents at your level of success or higher. Rubbing elbow and sharing meals with them, you can’t help but discover new ideas and shortcuts to help improve almost every aspect of your agency. Not to mention the personal connections and friendships you can make.

Held at the newly renovated Dallas Fort Worth Airport Marriott.

Convenientliy located just two miles from the airport. With complimentary shuttle service. Make new connections and friendships after hours at JW’s Steakhouse or the Pitcher’s Tavern.

Enjoy time away from the office to recharge your body and mind, as you build a better agency!

No LIVE event like this ... with 4 of America’s top Niche Agents ... spending two days helping you navigate today’s stormy markets, to find safe harbor in a niche or program of your choosing ... has ever been done before.

This Live event is the equivalent of an elite, top-end mastermind group, compressing a full year’s worth of training and mentoring into two short days.

And our 4 expert mentors are so sought after as strategic advisors ... we initially thought that people would be happy to pay $30,000 to join this new program ...

... but I realize that could be very expensive for most agents, worried about today’s hard market.

I grew up in a typical middle class family and I know $30,000 is a chunk of change.

That’s why we came up with an unmatched, unheard-of invitation for you ... a deal that would make other “experts” furious.

The bottom line is Niches To Riches won’t cost you anywhere near $30,000 ... $20,000 ... or even $10,000.

But before I give you the details, I want to tell you about how we’re going the extra mile, to ensure your success with this training.

That’s why you’re also getting ...

4 Digital Training Sessions

Module #1: How To Find Your High-Profit Niche
    • Discover the difference between a niche and micro niche -- and which is right for you.
    • Plus, how to pick a niche that sets you up for long-term success.
    • With insider tips from 4 Niche Agents to shave months or years off your learning curve!

Module #2: How to Research Your Niche
    • Maximize your time and money invested with powerful research techniques.
    • With hands-on help to make sure you’re on the right track, with minimal competition.

Module #3: List Building Secrets Revealed
    • Your list of prospects and clients is your goldmine. With this training, you will start seeing opportunities where before you saw none.
    • How to attract and convert ideal clients to build your niche and/or program empire. With time- and money-saving secrets used by our faculty of top Niche Agents!

Module #4: Launching Your Program Enterprise
    • Your program enterprise will be your agency’s future platform where you can start making crazy money.
    • Discover the secrets of “right thinking” that are required to enter this very select marketplace. Delivered by one of the top program agents in the country.

**NOTE: You will receive lifetime access to all Modules and course materials!**

4 Virtual Coaching Sessions (May 30 to Jul 21)

Module #1: Review and Quick Start
Date TBD
    • Your expert instructors will answer any lingering questions and help you  compare key takeaways with other attendees.
    • Your learning will be locked in and your direction clarified, for rapid progress!

Module #2: Implement
Date TBD
    • By now you're applying what you've learned and deploying your tools/systems.
    • You get personal feedback on your progress so far, plus new solutions from instructors and fellow members.

Module #3: Finetune
Date TBD
    • By now, you've got feedback from the marketplace and may have your first niche CL clients!
    • This is where you get advanced coaching and support, to improve your performance.

Module #4: Profit
Date TBD
    • You've come a long way in only 90 days! Your Niche Profit Machine is up and running.
    • Here we track progress, set new goals and encourage you to set up accountability partnerships.
    • Plus, with lifetime access to all training materials and recordings, you're never alone on your journey. We're with you at every step along the way.

The Niches to Riches Playbook

Much more than a book. It’s the cornerstone of your new, niche-driven agency. It will become for you more valuable than perhaps any book you own. Because -- after you've completed this training program -- it's 100% customized for YOU and YOUR niche.

It's all here -- The Million Dollar Sales Producer Strategy, lead generation shortcuts, ROI formulas, flow charts, prospect qualifiers, a 12-part Risk Review template, work comp strategies, The BOR Quote Process, referral secrets, account management tips, 10 Ways to Double Your Income, onboarding and training checklists, and much, much more.

The Niches to Riches Playbook gives you a clear track to run on, with all the tools, templates, checklists and procedures you need. No more confusion. No more wondering what to do next. Just open your Playbook and execute each day.

What Are You Really Getting With This?

Actually, it's three things in one:

#1: It's a set of ground-breaking, practical STRATEGIES I’ve been fine-tuning for 3 decades, since I first used them to build my own agency to over $10 million in niche premium. These strategies have been sharpened by our experts – Bill Butler, Russ Castle and Chris Paradiso -- and proven by UPP members.

None of this is old wine in new bottles. Whatever you think you know about selling CL or programs or niche marketing for independent agents -- whatever you've seen or heard "regurgitated" in conferences, books or blog posts -- will be CHALLENGED by what you see and hear in this program.

These strategies are presented and explained during our virtual events and two days together in Dallas. Supported by live Q&A with our niche agency owners and real-life examples. No empty theories. No fluff.

#2: It's an invaluable PLAYBOOK of ready-to-use examples, scripts and templates. With "1-on-1" assistance from our experts to help you fill in the blanks for your agency. Filled with all the tools and processes you need to start executing on Monday morning.

#3: It's everything you need for a true NICHE PROFIT MACHINE. That means you go to bed at night knowing (not wondering, wishing, hoping or praying) where your next new prospects and commercial clients are coming from. With consistency, reliability and predictability.

Your niche-driven agency will be in sync with the needs and desires of your chosen market, even with the explosion of choices for insurance today. Because you'll have a system for direct, targeted outreach to carefully selected, ideal clients -- the opposite of any frustrating, wasteful marketing you may be struggling with now.

You will enjoy a built-in competitive advantage, with a moat around your agency ... protecting you from price resistance ... setting you apart from others ... in a niche all your own.

What About Insurance Programs?

A note about creating insurance programs: You may be intimidated by the idea. Almost everyone is ... at first. But keep in mind that most programs are simply built from niches.

With the tools and training we give you in niches, you WILL be able to create a lucrative program if you choose to, just as our expert instructor Chris Paradiso did.

But you have a key advantage that Chris never had, because he had NONE of the help or guidance in niches and programs that you're getting!

The benefits of building an insurance program include:

    • You have control over your destiny -- what industries or segments, how big you want to grow -- it’s all up to you

    • You have the power of the pen -- YOU control the underwriting decisions

    • You control the exclusivity, including geographic areas, which locks in high profits while locking out competition

Are you starting to see how different and valuable this training is compared to anything else you’ve seen?

How To Bypass Worry And Frustration
By Doing Things In The Right Order

Not all agency growth is created equal.

If you don’t have the right strategies and systems in place -- in the right order -- turning your agency into a Niche Profit Machine is like trying to change a tire at 60 miles an hour. You set yourself up for painful mistakes, burnout, unhappy clients, staffing drama, headaches and missed meals with your family ... it's a long list.

That’s why getting personal access to our 4 Niche Agency Experts and other UPP members in this training program is so valuable.

Because you’ll find agents here who have “been there, done that” when it comes to owning a Niche Profit Machine. There are so many mistakes you can make that having a group like this helps you avoid costly pitfalls along the way. The collective wisdom in the room at Dallas -- and in the virtual sessions before and after -- will be off the charts.

Why miss a once-in-a-lifetime chance to tap into this unique combination of people and resources, and bypass this hard market?

And when you calculate the investment to join us, you’ll find that ...

Niches To Riches Will
Cost You Nothing To Attend

How is that possible?

Because it’s not possible to complete this program without taking home an armload of practical tips to attract all the high-profit new CL clients you want ... with the full support of your team ... more energized, recharged and productive than before ... at a value far above the modest fee to attend.

Or I will buy your ticket back from you.

The only risk you take is to do nothing, surrounded by the same four walls and old thinking.

Please allow my team of Niche Agency Experts to remove the roadblocks that are standing between high-profit CL clients and you -- with a niche-driven agency you’ll own with our help.

Just to be clear, however, here in writing is your ...

10X Money-Back Guarantee

Go through The Niches To Riches training, watch the videos, join the virtual sessions, come to Dallas, use the Playbook, get personal coaching from our experts, then judge for yourself.

If at any time in the next year -- 365 days -- you don’t feel you have received 10X the value for your investment, just let us know and you'll receive a prompt, courteous refund. Every penny.

PLUS, you’ll receive $500.00 toward your documented travel expenses, to thank you for your time. That means you can invest in yourself and attend this event risk free.

Best Case Scenario: You no longer worry about today’s hard market or any other, no matter where you live or what you've tried before. Your premiums, client satisfaction, and morale at the office are all skyrocketing because you no longer have a generalist agency -- you own a Niche Profit Machine.

Worst Case Scenario: You tell us you're unhappy, we refund your money, and you get the entire Niches To Riches training for free.

Both scenarios are risk free. But the only thing guaranteed NOT to help you is to leave this web page and go back to doing what you've been doing -- and stay stuck where you are now.

So please accept our invitation to ...

What’s The Investment?

Instead of charging $30,000 for a year-long mastermind like some “experts” do, who aren’t even doing what they teach ... or $12,000 ... or even $7,500 ... your tuition for Niches To Riches is only $5,000.

You could make that back with your first handful of new commercial niche clients.

But just to make this a no-brainer for you, I’m going to lower tuition even more ... down to a crazy price of only $1,997. That’s a full $3,003 off the regular price.

This won’t last forever.

Today may be your only chance to take advantage of this $3,003 discount.
And if we don’t sell out first, your discounted seat disappears on April 12.

So please accept our invitation to ...

Reserve Your Seat Now

One-Time Payment
ONLY $1,997

3 Payment of

Of Course, You May Have Questions

Question #1: I’ve lost money in the past year, I’ve been to other conferences, I’ve tried other programs – why should I invest in this now?

Answer: I’m sure you can come up with lots of reasons to wait. Everybody’s instinct is to stop short of pulling out their credit card -- especially now. And that’s the best reason I can think of for you to invest in Niches to Riches now.

Because it’s getting tougher by the day to get people to pay attention to you, talk to you about insurance, get out their credit card or checkbook -- and buy. You urgently need different and better strategies and tools to cut through the noise, motivate high-quality prospects and clients to come to you, trust you and buy from you. You can't just "wait this out" for things to change.

In any case, you’re protected by our 10X Money-Back Guarantee in writing. If you’re unhappy for any reason or no reason in the next year, we refund your money, and you get the entire training program for free. Plus refund you up to $500.00 in documented travel expenses, to thank you for your time. So you can’t make a mistake here.

Question #2: I’m not confident I can sell CL to people in a niche. What if they think I’m a fraud or a fake? Will this really work for me?

Answer: Every one of our panel of Niche Agency experts was nervous about selling their first CL policy. Bill, Russ, Chris, Mike -- we ALL lacked confidence! In fact, Bill Butler sold his first policy to a veterinarian on enthusiasm alone -- he had ZERO experience in the niche.

You don’t have to struggle like we did and make the painful blunders we made – like choosing the wrong niches (Russ) or being humiliated at a trade show when a competitor practically laughs in your face (Bill).

We didn’t always know what we were doing. But nobody’s laughing at us now. And we’ve poured over 107 years of our combined experience into Niches to Riches -- to help you avoid the costly errors and mistakes we see others make who try to go it alone.

So, yes, if you do the work, this WILL work for you. Or we’ll buy it back.

Question #3: What if I miss one of the virtual sessions?

Answer: All 8 of the virtual sessions will be recorded on video for your convenience. So you never have to worry if you miss a session for work or family reasons. Plus, you will receive lifetime access to all Modules and course materials, so you never have to worry about misplacing anything.

Question #4: What if I’m too busy to go to Dallas in May?

Answer: If you can’t attend the in-person training, that’s no problem. You can attend our Virtual sessions, then send one of your top commercial producers to the Live Event in Dallas. Or have your producer do the entire training, Virtual and Live. Either way, you can delegate and grow your agency, risk-free. Because the same money-back guarantee applies to anyone you send.

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